Keith Williams Real Estate

Make a plan of action

To attract the best price for your home you need to present the property at it’s best. Think like a purchaser!

Make a plan of action

Start making a to-do list of repairs or improvements (from inside to outside, from top to bottom). Walk through your property and make a list of all the things you have overlooked as these could be issues potentially raised by prospective buyers. You want the property to appeal to a large network; buyers will mentally add up any flaws and generally exaggerate the actual cost of repairs - by ignoring minor repairs from the start you are potentially deterring buyers.

Plan of action

The front of your property is the first point of call and the first thing your potential buyers will see. Here are a few tips when preparing the outside of your home.
» Wash the driveway and walkways, remove any dirt or oil stains if possible, repair cracks, reseal concrete areas
» Check fences and gates and replace loose or damaged posts. Consider a fresh coat of paint
» Clean gutters and check for any cracks or damage
» Spend some time in the garden. Fertilise, water, weed and mow the lawns often
» Trim plants and put down fresh mulch or stones in garden beds
» Assess the exterior for any areas that require a touch up of paint
» Repair or replace any damaged fly screens
» Clean and reseal outdoor timber features/decking
» Clean and filter pool/spa and equipment if applicable

Internally, take note of any repairs or areas that require some TLC.
» Dust/vacuum the tops of cupboards, skirting boards, behind and underneath furniture - basically all the areas we often skip to save some time
» Assess all tiles throughout the house (bathrooms, kitchen, splash-backs, laundry, etc.). Reseal grout to freshen up, clean any mould/soap scum and replace any cracked tiles
» Check shower screens and tracks. Repair if required and clean any mould/grime
» Inspect window seals for any leaks, peeling paint and repair as needed. Clean windows, tracks, curtains and blinds
» Check that all smoke detectors are in working order
» Clean light fittings, skylights, rangehood in kitchen, and any exhaust fans
» Inspect taps and pipes are in good working order with no leaks
» Fix any loose door handles or broken hinges
» Remove any unnecessary clutter in cupboards. Storage will appear substantial when presented neat and well organised
» Use pleasant air fresheners to create a clean and fresh smell throughout the property
» Ensure all appliances and lights are in good working order
» Steam clean carpets and any rugs
» Assess the walls. Are they full of dirty fingerprints? Any cracks? Paint peeling? Consider cleaning all the walls using sugar soap or you may consider a fresh coat of paint using a light neutral colour tone


Preparing for marketing

Do you want your home to have the greatest impact? Here are some simple and easy points to get your property ready for that winning shot that will entice buyers.

Create space | remove any unnecessary furniture and clutter from floors and benches to create a sense of space.

Items to be removed | unnecessary objects add clutter to your space which is unfortunately reflected in the marketing. Consider removing the following items:
» Remote controls, newspapers, magazines and any clutter from coffee tables
» Washing and washing baskets
» Magnets, notices and other paperwork removed from the fridge
» Dishes, dishcloth, dish racks, plugs, etc.
» Toys, bikes, playstations, Xbox and any associated leads
» Remove clutter from shelves - tidy books, DVD’s and CD’s
» Shoes
» Valuables or personal items 
» Toiletries, hair products, toothbrushes, shower products from benches, baths and showers
» Close toilet seats
» Pets, pet beds, kitty litter or pet bowls
» Vehicles removed from carport or front lawn
» Waste bins
» BBQ covers
» Keep kitchen appliances to a minimum, clear bench tops.
» General clutter - don't just hide items (e.g. underneath/beside beds or behind couches) as they will still appear. Instead place these items in enclosed cupboards or spaces, or even box away and place into storage until the house sells

First impressions last ~ stage your home
to appeal to potential buyers
outdoor presentation

Presentation | We recommend walking around your property and pausing where people are likely to stop. What will they see? How will this affect how they view the rest of the home?
If these areas are not pleasing to the eye they may need your extra attention.
» Clean and tidy the house thoroughly 
» Curtains and blinds open to enhance light
» Create an ambiance by leaving lights and lamps on - essential when having professional photos taken
» Make beds using neutral colours and dress with cushions and fully fluffed pillows
» Hang fresh towels neatly on bathroom racks
» Clean and present you outdoor area as if you are entertaining guests. Dress with outdoor furniture and add a splash of colour using cushions, pot plants, and an outdoor rug
» Ensure all internal doors are accessible